Batteries   ( View all Batteries )

E90 Photo Battery

Lithium Batteries

B312EZ-8 Ez Turn & Lock B312 8 Pk

B76 Lr44 2 Pack Battery

Battery Tester

Watch Batteries

Boxes   ( View all Boxes )

Earring Box with Flap

Charm and Earring Box 2-5/8 x 1-5/8 x 15/16

Bangle Bracelet Box 3-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 1

Ring Box

Omega Necklace Box 7-3/16 x 5-3/16 x 1-3/16

Pearl and Necklace Box 6-3/16 x 5-3/16 x 1-1/16

Chains   ( View all Chains )

C046 14K 1.1m Box Link Chain

C075 14K .8m Adjustable Snake Chain

Z012DC 14K 1.5m Diamond Cut Rope Chain

Z021DC 14k 3m Diamond Cut Rope Chain

C035 14K 1.6m Snake Chain

C043 .5m Box Link Chain

Coin Mountings   ( View all Coin Mountings )

18.0X1.14 $2.50 Us Indian

19.75X1.7 Canadian Maple Leaf 1/4 Oz

13.0X1.0 $1.00 Us Small

22.5X1.5 Mexican Peso 10

21.9X1.83 Am Eagle Liberty 1/4 Oz $10

18.0X1.27 $2.50 Us Liberty

Earrings   ( View all Earrings )

E479 14K 3 Prong Martini Screwbacks

E916 14K Flexible 3 Stone Earring

E186 14K 6 Prong Buttercup Earring

E254 14K Dangle Cluster Earring

Pearl Studs-12 Pair per Box

14y 17)1.4m Love Knot Er

Findings   ( View all Findings )

14K Bamboo Pearl Enhancer

A909 Plastic Stopper.027-.036mm 100pk

Ss 5.6mdia Magnetic Clasp

Sterling Silver 17m Filigree Pearl Clasp

A15607 7m Spring Rings with Open Tip Ring

3.5m18k Snp/u-Shp Arrow

Metals   ( View all Metals )

14K/10K/18K/PT Flat Sizing Stock

14K Heavy Wall Tubing

14K Light Wall Tubing

14K Medium Wall Tubing

14K/10K/SS/PT Round Wire

14K/10K/18K/PT Half Round Sizing Stock

Mountings   ( View all Mountings )

13-090 14K Cushion Basket Bridal Set

6-2175 36)1.3m Eternity Ring with Prongs

6-2118 3.29m 9-2.3m Eternity Ring

6-2170 29)2m Designer Eternity Ring

13-045 14K Bridal Set

11-204 Semi-Mount 2)5x5x5 Tri

Pearls   ( View all Pearls )

Button Pearls

Half-drilled AA Quality Pearls

Half-drilled A Quality Pearls

Undrilled Seed Pearls

Half-drilled A Quality Black Pearls

Half-Drilled 3/4 Pearls

Pendants   ( View all Pendants )

P460 14K Fancy Round Pendant

P921 14K 3 Stone Pendant

P253 14K Half Bezel Pendant

P1-37 14K Fleur de Lis Pendant

P479 14K Heart Shape Pendant

P910 14K 3 Stone Pendant

Settings   ( View all Settings )

2-90 14K Pear Shape V-End Basket

2-77 14K Marquise Setting

2-890 14K Oval Cabochon

2-24 14K 4 Prong High Round Base Setting

2-82 14K 6 Prong Oval Basket Solder Pad

2-485 14K 6 Prong Triangle Basket

Shanks   ( View all Shanks )

4-47290 14K/Plat 3.4m Half Round Heavy Shank

4-488 14k/Rose 2.6m Shank-Angled for 4 Prong

4-4750 14KY 2.8 Cathedral Shank

4-47280 14K 2.65m Half Round Shank

3Mm Wide Finger Fit Shank

Adjusto Shank 3.4m Finger Size 5-7

Solder   ( View all Solder )

Clipped Solder

Sterling Paste Solder

Palladium Sheet Solder

1 Dwt Solder 1k Paste

Noble Repair Solder

Plumb Sheet Solder

Solitaires   ( View all Solitaires )

V13-900 14K/18K/Plat 6 Prong Victorian Solitaire

13-061 14K Square Solitaire

13-030 14K Round Crisscross Heavy Weight

13-118 14K 4 Prong Round Curved

13-109 14K Emerald Cut Halo

13-043 14K Marquise Solitaire

Stones   ( View all Stones )

Premium Cubic Zirconia-Triangle

Genuine Amethyst-Oval

Genuine Emerald-Marquise-B Quality

Genuine Swiss Topaz-Square

Genuine Sky Topaz-Oval

Genuine Opal-Pear Shape

Tools   ( View all Tools )

Case Opener Knife

6? Half Round Ring File Cut 2

Sheet Wax

X Fine Barrel Polisher

Gemoro 1000g Platinum Pro 1001DXP Scale

Sheet Wax

Wedding Bands   ( View all Wedding Bands )

10k 6m Inside Round

WB440R 14k 4m Beaded Regular Weight

14k 6m Inside Round Satin Stripe & Beveled Edge

14K 5.5m Beaded Inside Round Economy

14k 6x3 Tapered Low Dome

14k 5m Knife Edge

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