Batteries   ( View all Batteries )

B312EZ-8 Ez Turn & Lock B312 8 Pk

Space Packs

Battery Tester

Lithium Batteries

B76 Lr44 2 Pack Battery

E90 Photo Battery

Boxes   ( View all Boxes )

Ring Box

Bracelet Box

Chain Box 3-3/16 x 2-1/4 x 1

Charm and Earring Box 2-5/8 x 1-5/8 x 15/16

Charm and Earring Box 2-3/16 x 1-3/4 x 11/16

Earring Box with Flap

Chains   ( View all Chains )

CH25C 14K Cable Chain

CH70B GF/SS 2.25m Curb Chain

C046 14K 1.1m Box Link Chain

Z014 14K 2m Solid Rope Chain

C0115 14k 1.5m Omega Removable Clasp

C0104 14k 4m Omega Chain

Coin Mountings   ( View all Coin Mountings )

32.6X2.8 American Eagle Liberty 1 Oz $50

27.0X2.21 Am Eagle Liberty 1/2 Oz $25

38.1X2.8 $1.00 Us Regular Silver

26.5X2.0 Sacagawea Dollar

22.0X1.8 Chinese Panda 1/4 Oz

34.4X2.5 $20 Us Regular

Earrings   ( View all Earrings )

E916 14K Flexible 3 Stone Earring

14y 8)2.3m Dia Jckt

E398 14K 6 Prong Buttercup Earring

VE900 14K 4 Prong Victorian Earring

14K/SS Earballs

E246 14K 6 Prong Buttercup

Findings   ( View all Findings )

14y 6.5m Box Clasp

A15404 5m Spring Ring

14y6 1/4m Push Bar Clasp

A998 Med Light Weight Friction Ear Nut

A5297 Sterling Silver Cuff Link Back

Sterling Silver Threaded Post/Nut Set

Metals   ( View all Metals )

14K/10K/SS/PT Round Wire

14K/10K/18K/PT Half Round Sizing Stock

Casting Grain-Sold per DWT

14K/10K/18K/PT Square Sizing Stock

Sterling Silver Flat Sheet Stock

14K Medium Wall Tubing

Mountings   ( View all Mountings )

12-617 14K Solitaire Wrap

14K Oval Mounting

11-355 14K Semi Mounting 5.3x3.3 Half Moon

14K Square Three Stone Mounting

12-716 14K Solitaire Wrap

14K Oval Mountings

Pearls   ( View all Pearls )

Undrilled Seed Pearls

Half-drilled AA Quality Pearls

Half-Drilled 3/4 Pearls

Half-drilled A Quality Pearls

Button Pearls

Half-drilled A Quality Black Pearls

Pendants   ( View all Pendants )

P474 3 Prong Pear Shape Basket Pendant

P916 14K Flexible 3 Stone Pendant

P1-20 14K Small Heart Pendant

P252 Pear Shape Half Bezel Pendant

P923 14K 3 Stone Pendant

P700 14K Heart Pendant

Settings   ( View all Settings )

2-482 14K Triangle V Prong

2-890 14K Oval Cabochon

2-185 14K 3 Prong Basket Setting

2-62 14K 6 Prong High Setting

2-57 14K/Plat 6 Prong Round Base

5-923 14K Shallow Tapered Round Bezel

Shanks   ( View all Shanks )

4-4753 14k/Plat 2m Cathedral Shank

4-47288 14K/18K/Plat 2.6m Shank-Angled for 6 Prong

6-4770 40)1.5m 2.8m Split Shank

4-4786 14K/Plat Cathedral Flat Bottom Shank

6-035 14k 3.5m Lockshank

6-47200 4.22m Od 2 Prong Split Shank

Solder   ( View all Solder )

Repair Sheet Solder

Repair Sheet Solder

Platinum Sheet Solder

Repair Sheet Solder

Noble Repair Solder

Plumb Sheet Solder

Solitaires   ( View all Solitaires )

13-126 14K Square Curved Solitaire

13-110 14K Oval Halo Double Shank

13-121 14K Square Solitaire

13-043 14K Marquise Solitaire

13-116 14K Oval Halo Rope Shank

A13-150 Plat/14k 4 Prong Solitaire

Stones   ( View all Stones )

Genuine Pink Tourmaline-Heart Shape

2.5m Rd Jan Syn Stone

Genuine Black Onyx-Octagon Flat

5m Rd Jan Syn Stone

Genuine Opal-Marquise

10x8m Ovl Jan Syn Stone

Tools   ( View all Tools )

Beading Needles

7/8in Flat Separating Disc

Sorting Tray

Zam Polishing Compound

Fancy Colored 18mm 10x Oval Triplets

Knock Out Punches

Wedding Bands   ( View all Wedding Bands )

14k 2.5m Regular Weight

10k 5m Beaded Inside Round

10k 4m Beaded Regular Weight

14k 1.5m Low Dome

14k 2.5m Inside Round

WB684 14K 8x4 Tapered Flat Low Dome

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